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Death Panels
A Piece of the Sky
Pretty Maids All In a Row
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In 2042, the Unified Order of the World has gained global jurisdiction, Christians have been confined to a reservation and every life is weighed against productivity by The Death Panels. So what can undercover Christian David Rudder do when the government has eyes and ears everywhere, and he has been told to euthanize a Down syndrome infant? His choice will affect the entire nation.
The Death Panels is an exciting—and disturbing—story of a not-too-distant future in which our current political battles over life and freedom have reached an explosive crossroads, and a clarion call to all Christians and lovers of liberty.
Michelle Buckman has written a futuristic  novel  of dystopia worthy of Walter  Miller of A Canticle for Lebowitz  or Robert Hugh Benson's  The Lord of the World. You may say "it can't happen here!" but in a country that created modern total warfare, dropped the atomic bomb, and has the most liberal abortion laws in the world, Life is becoming increasingly cheap and bodies simply seen a collection of parts that can be used to help the rich to reach their goal of somatic immortality. However, Buckman shows how love, prayer, and political power for the good can overcome the culture of Death.
-Fr. C.J.McCloskey, Research Fellow
Faith and Reason Institute. Washington, DC