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Death Panels
A Piece of the Sky
Pretty Maids All In a Row
Author and Speaker
Partners Tori Roche and J.B. Kale set out on a madcap adventure to a medieval inn where they are invited to solve the famous nursery rhyme murder mystery surrounding the 1785 massacres of twelve women--"pretty maids all in a row."
As they begin gathering evidence to write a best-selling novel to save their publishing house, Tori finds her family lineage has more to do with the present than she anticipated. When more dead bodies keep falling in their path, it becomes obvious that the ancient murders are tied to a treasure that people are still dying to possess--and it's not the heirloom diamond that the guests fo the inn are searching for.
What happened on these old sacred grounds? Will Tori and Kale escape the secret passages alive? And why is the notorious Mary-Mary still quite contrary?
Romantic Mystery