I LOVED My Beautiful Disaster!  It was the best book I have read in a LONG LONG time!! -Katlyn T.

I couldn't put the book down! - Chelsea M., MO

The fact that you incorporate God into your writing is what I most respect about your books. ...thank you for the inspiration and the great books! I can't wait to read the next book in the collection!!! --God Bless, Chynna

It was sooo fun having you at [my school] yesterday. everyone including me enjoyed it. i love your books its like you can get into character with the people in the story. I really hope you come out with more. my beautiful disaster is an awesome book i cant put it down.

To a women who makes life come alive in her books, Mrs.Michelle Buckman...
I absolutly LOVE the pathway collection books ~Laura

...I fell in love with it. ...there is many teen pregnancies and rapes, etc. going on in our town. Your book " Maggie Come Lately," made me think thoroughly about life, as we know it. (: Thank you very much for your book(s).I hope you keep making life happen in your books.In God's love and hope. Take care, Ellie Louise.


Hi my name s tiffany and I just read my beautiful disaster...
It was so good I could not put it down. I cannot wait to read the other books you have wrote. Amazing. I just thought that I should let you know!

Your book has been a true "eye-opener"… it is most definitely the best book I have ever read!
I am absolutely in love with it; the ending COMPLETELY surprised me! I think I read the last 14 chapters about 3 times… Thanks for writing such an awesome book!        Respectfully, Cheyenne

I read Maggie Come Lately cover to cover in the past twenty-four hours. And it was amazing. I was glued to the book…. your novel truly touched me. Thank you SO much for writing such an amazing book…I plan to suggest Maggie Come Lately to all of my friends and family!... I am already looking forward to My Beautiful Disaster!  Your newest big fan, Randi Coker

Wow! Maggie Come Lately was AMAZING! It opened my eyes to how common rape really is, and I thank you 1,000,000 times for writing this book. It is going to help SO many girls that are struggling with the same problems that maybe Billy, Maggie, or Sue were struggling with. You are a truly amazing and talented writer.   Thank you SO much and God bless you, Olivia.

"Maggie Come Lately is a provocative unfolding of sixteen-year-old Maggie McCarthy's perilous journey toward self-discovery when forced to deal with mankind's darkest side. Like a master artist, author Michelle Buckman chips away at stereotypical notions while slowly unveiling the hope, faith, and rich familial bonds that guide us and sustain us." ~ Jody Ewing, The Weekender

"Michelle Buckman's Maggie Come Lately has real characters in real problems with real faith. A page-turner with an important message that is anything but preachy, Maggie Come Lately is one to be read and shared for many years to come." ~ Barb Huff, The On Tour Series

I loved that you wrote about real, tough situations anyone, even a nice Christian girl, can get into.
This book was my favorite book ever.  - Betsy C.

Maggie Come Lately was AMAZING! I couldn't put it down! I can't wait to get the next one! God Bless!! -Mandy Lawrence, Oklahoma

I LOVE THIS BOOK... Maggie Come Lately is the most awesome book I have ever read and I have read ALOT of books. READ this book... YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID! (Anonymous)

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"Despite everything that's going on, I had time to read another amazing book by Michelle Buckman. With Maggie Come Lately, I was completely drawn in by her characters and real life issues that she tackled in the story. In her second book, My Beautiful Disaster, she drew me in even more with her compelling story about Maggie's best friend-turned-sister, Dixie. In Dixie's story, she goes through love, loss, fear, and redemption. I can honestly say that I felt her emotions when I read her words. I felt my chest puff up with pride as if I knew her myself. I felt connected.

I could not put the book down for three days straight. You want a good read? You're looking at it."                                
- Jordin Sparks, American Idol 2007
Review by Earl Hamner
Creator of The Waltons and Falcon Crest,
Author of Spencers Mountain and The Homecoming

That wise and wonderful Southern writer, Lee Smith, once observed, “I was at a point in my life where all my friends, women I had grown up with, were suddenly floundering, because we were following someone else’s idea of who we ought to be and what we ought to do.”
I remembered Lee Smith’s remark soon after I began reading Michelle Buckman’s excellent new novel, “Maggie Come Lately.”  How well it dramatizes the predicament of young Maggie McCarthy.  We are present at that moment when she was four years old and her entire life shifted.  We meet her later in present time - a perfect daughter, a perfect substitute mother to her siblings, a perfect student, and a perfect friend.  There is only one problem.  Influenced by to the pressure of society, submitting to the circumstance of her position in the family, responding to every demand made upon her to conform to what is expected of her, Maggie has neglected to become her true self.
That voyage of self-discovery begins on her sixteenth birthday when she first assumes the role of surrogate mother to her orphaned siblings, of willing housekeeper to her widower father, of compliant friend to her schoolmates. Under  Mrs. Buckman’s skilled hand we live through Maggie’s longing for someone to love her and her eventual discovery of that love.  We share her dismay when her father courts a totally inappropriate second wife, and we experience along with Maggie’s her deep concern when a younger brother begins to retreat from life. 
A shocking event early on, the murder of one of her classmates, shadows the action and the fabric of the book.
The suspense is intense for a work primarily intended for youthful readers, but the author knows what she is doing and the reader is compelled to keep reading until the surprising climax.
While this book is directed toward a younger readership it can also prompt each of us to reflect on who we are and how we got that way.  As Lee Smith asks, “Are we someone else’s idea of who we ought to be,” or are we our true selves?
and Interviews
Michelle and Jordin, Backstage, Idol Concert 2007

Spiritual Woman Review
Every now and then, a novel comes along that is so powerful and so well-written that it will stay with you forever. “Rachel’s Contrition” by Michelle Buckman is that kind of novel.... It is a novel that will twist your heart and leave you breathless. You will not want to put it down until you reach the final word at which point you will once again be able to exhale.         
From the review:
There’s a reason it made number one. This is a book that not only begs
a reviewer to use words like “riveting,” “powerful,” and even “awesome,” but also one that lives up to the expectations you have for it....  
                                                                           -Sarah Reinhard
Wow!  I started it on the plane home and didn't put it down except to walk through the airport in Atlanta.  
-Anne Webster

Michelle Buckman is a wordsmith. Her writing flows beautifully and her plot line leads you on without letting you have a glimpse of the ending. You think you are going one way, then about two thirds through the book, you realize that you are getting "the big picture" and things are not what they seem. The ending packs a wallop.                          
-E.A. Hara
Rachel's Contrition is a gripping mystery that consumed my spare time in the last two days. I could not put it down...
-Nancy Carpentier Brown
This is one of the best books I have read so far this year, and left an impact on my even after I turned the last page.
-Regina Smeltzer
"Deep and disturbing. Impacted my very soul."
-Regina Smeltzer
Francis Marion University

"Death Panels is a compelling read, despite how fiercely the atrocities of this brave new America assault our sensibilities."
--Leticia Velasquez
Co-founder of KIDS

"Buckman’s story leaves the reader wounded and motivated, changed and even renewed."
--Sarah Reinhard
Michelle Buckman has written a futuristic  novel  of dystopia worthy of Walter  Miller of A Canticle for Lebowitz  or Robert Hugh Benson's  The Lord of the World. You may say "it can't happen here!" but in a country that created modern total warfare, dropped the atomic bomb, and has the most liberal abortion laws in the world, Life is becoming increasingly cheap and bodies simply seen a collection of parts that can be used to help the rich to reach their goal of somatic immortality. However, Buckman shows how love, prayer, and political power for the good can overcome the culture of Death.

Research fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute
Washington, DC
“Rachel's Contrition evokes the spirit of the Basilica of St. Lawrence, and the joy of love and forgiveness it extends to all.”
--Very Rev. Wilbur N. Thomas, Basilica of St. Lawrence
From the review: A Peek at My Bookshelf
I have to warn you, straight out: reading a novel by Michelle Buckman can be hazardous to your sleep, your emotional control, and cause stock to rise in the tissue industry. She writes with passion and her characters step off the page and into your memory...

Author and Speaker
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