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Death Panels
Pretty Maids All In a Row
In 2042, the Unified Order of the World has gained global jurisdiction, Christians have been confined to a reservation and every life is weighed against productivity by The Death Panels. So what can undercover Christian David Rudder do when the government has eyes and ears everywhere, and he has been told to euthanize a Down syndrome infant? His choice will affect the entire nation. 
Death Panels
After the death of her daughter, grief-spawned delusions cause Rachel to lose her husband, her home, and custody of her son. Help arrives from two unlikely sources: a young teen, Lilly, battling her own demons, and a tattered holy card depicting Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. As Rachel grows closer to Lilly and comes to know Saint Thérèse, unbidden memories from her edgy past reveal fearful mysteries of seduction, madness, and murder… and a truth that will haunt her forever.
Maggie isn’t exactly popular. In fact, she’s pretty much invisible. While most girls are going to parties, she’s busy acting as mother and housewife to her two brothers and father. When she turns 16, Maggie hopes it will be a great year. But then she hears a noise in the woods that takes her on a path that changes her life forever.
As one of the most popular girls in her high school, Dixie has had her share of boyfriends, but when she sees rock star Vince Evans singing on stage, just the sight of him makes her heart stop. She decides there's nothing she wants more than to be his girl, no matter what it takes… unfortunately the cost ends up being far more than she expected. Her life becomes a disaster. Until she finds something in the wreckage that's more beautiful than she ever imagined.
Pretty Maids All In a Row
Partners Tori Roche and J.B. Kale set out on a madcap adventure to a medieval inn where they are invited to solve the famous nursery rhyme murder mystery surrounding the 1785 massacres of twelve women--"pretty maids all in a row." As they begin gathering evidence to write a best-selling novel to save their publishing house, Tori finds her family lineage has more to do with the present than she anticipated. When more dead bodies keep falling in their path, it becomes obvious that the ancient murders are tied to a treasure that people are still dying to possess--and it's not the heirloom diamond that the guests fo the inn are searching for. 
OUT OF PRINT   Carla Rochwell wants it all...  And she's close to getting it. She has a dream job, a dream home, a life of comfort unmarred by any worldly care, and a handsome, industrious, faithful husband. A perfect life, but it's come with a high price tag: she's waited too long and can't conceive. Her husband Simon is unwilling to go to the next step in fertility treatment--artificial insemination. What's a woman to do? 
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