My work is a combination of line, content, and developmental editing, which means I don't merely correct errors in your sentences (which is a copyedit), I also help you strengthen your sentences to raise your writing level. I add comments throughout the text to explain why I've suggested the changes. As I work through your manuscript, I look at scenes, chapters, and the overall manuscript to improve the overall project, whether it's fiction or nonfiction.

I use Chicago Manual of Style for all editing.
(Publisher's style guides are also incorporated as requested.)

Two editing samples are posted below with permission of the authors.

The first shows an example of how editing will appear in your document.
The second shows an author's original work to the left and the revised version to the right, with areas highlighted to show you what remained, was moved, or changed.

Broken Eagle ​by ​Gary Ludlam​​
Penury City,  Light of Gabriel ​by Thomas E.​​
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