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Savannah and Charleston, two sisters living in a small Southern town, have always been close. They've shared eveything with one another...until Dillon, th eon boy in school who's bad news, sets his sights on Chareston. As she's drawn down his dark, destructive path, Savannah panics, knowing this isn't a relationship destined for anything but trouble.

She turns to her lifelong best friend, Ellerbe, for help, but there's a shift in their relationship. The conneciton they've shared is taking a turn toward something more, something deeper. And Savannah isn't sure she's eady for a romance while trying to save her sister.

As Savannah's foundation begins to crumble, every decision becomes an unchangeable step toward an outcome that could have tragic repercussions.

"It's a dilemma we've all faced--watching someone we love fall under the spell of a dangerous and calculating person. With characteristic compassion, insight, and humor, Michelle Buckman documents such a situation and weaves it into a suspenseful, illuminating, and unforgetable story... I am honored the character of Ellerbe DePaul was inspired by John-Boy Walton. 
-Earl Hamner, Jr. Creator of The Waltons, author of Spencer's Mountain and The Homecoming